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How John Legend helped lift people’s spirits during quarantine

John Legend at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. (Photo credit: Jen Lowery / Splash News)

John Legend has announced he has a new album coming out later this year.

The “All of Me” hitmaker’s virtual concert as part of Global Citizen Festival’s Solidarity Sessions: Together, At Home” series saw him share with his fans that he is in the mixing stage of his first record since 2016’s Darkness and Light and his 2018 festive LP A Legendary Christmas.

During the Instagram Live amid the COVID-19 outbreak, he spilled: “Just so you guys know, I am putting out a new album this year. “Everybody’s home, you need stuff, you need music, you need TV, you need films.

“You need stuff to entertain you, so I’m going to put some music out. We’re going to release some music. I don’t know what the schedule [is] going to be like, we’re just going to start putting stuff out. We’re in the process of mixing a lot of the stuff on the record. Luckily, I already wrote and recorded most of it.”

The “Ordinary People” singer also played a snippet of a song from the upcoming LP, which is called Actions Speak Louder Than Love Songs.

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