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Loni Love says she forgot her boyfriend was White when they had sex (video)

Loni Love with boyfriend James Welsh. (Photo: Instagram – @comiclonilove)

Loni Love has spoken frequently about her relationship with her White boyfriend, James Welsh, on the “The Real” daytime talk show that she co-hosts.

But Love got more graphic about her romance with her 55-year-old lover on the usually sexually-explicit Angela Yee podcast called “Lip Service.” This forum normally requires interviewees to engage in frank sexual and relationship discussions.

Obviously, Welsh is putting in much work in the bedroom, because Love said when she first starting having sex with Welsh, she forgot that he is not Black.

“When we first started dating, I remember one of the first times we started having sex, we did it from the back, right? And I forgot he was white,” said Loni, 48.  “And I looked back, I said ‘Who is this f—ing white man?!’ I actually forget! Seriously!”

Perhaps Love just suffers from occasional lapses or brain freezes because that was not the only time she forgot his ethnicity.

“We’re out sometimes, say we get separated, Alex my assistant, he knows,” she continued. “James will wave and smile and I’m like ‘Who is that white man?’ Oh, that’s James!”

Love and Welsh first publicized their romance back in November of 2018.

Check out the conversation between Love and Yee below: