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DJ Digie motivates crowds with mix of hip-hop, top 40 and dance hall vibes

DJ Digie (Photo courtesy of Roosevelt Mansfield)

Roosevelt Mansfield has been apart of the Twin Cities hip-hop scene since the ’90s. Known as DJ Digie, he has been spinning his crowd-motivating sounds since 2004 at house parties clubs and dance battles, specializing in nostalgic hip-hop, R&B, Top 40 and dance hall vibes. DJ Digie’s mixes have received national notoriety on Martha Stewart’s website for Deejaying weddings and were mentioned in “The Best 50 Weddings Across All 50 States” for Minnesota by “The Knot.”

  • City: Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Current venues spinning: Clubs, private events, dance battles, weddings
  • Tag line: “DJ Digie, a DJ for the people”
  • Social media handle: @rooseveltmansfield on Instagram

 How did you come up with your DJ name?

It was a nickname given to me by friends in my hip-hop crew.

What were your early passions and influences?

Hip-hop as a culture has always been my passion. I am hip-hop, not as a genre, but as a way of being. The art in music has always fascinated me. Rakim, Stevie Wonder, old school funk and jazz were my influences.

What’s your process for selecting a song to play during your sets or at a gig?

I research the venue, then pay attention to movement in the crowd as I’m playing music. That’s how I learn who my people are. Once I learn the people I rock for the people.

How do you create the perfect music experience?

I don’t play for myself. It’s not about me. It’s about learning the people and giving them an experience musically that they can take home with them. I want the crowd to feel like I know them personally through the music, especially for the nostalgic hip-hop and R&B heads.

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