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Tyler Perry informs Blacks that most who died from COVID-19 lacked Vitamin D

Tyler Perry at the grand opening of his studio complex in October 2019. (Photo by Terry Shropshire for Steed Media)

Tyler Perry took to his Instagram account to share what experts say will improve your chances of surviving the coronavirus if you contract the disease.

Perry, 50, told his nearly 6 million IG followers that Blacks, who are contracting and dying from COVID-19 at inordinate numbers compared to their White counterparts, need to increase their Vitamin D intake. The medical pundits said it will aid in obtaining and sustaining stronger immunity and respiratory health, Perry attests.

The founder and owner of the nation’s largest movie complex, Tyler Perry Studios, advised that his Vitamin D has always been low, and he has been working to increase his levels.

“This is not a cure for COVID-19. Please, hear me clearly. This is not a cure for COVID-19,” he said right off the top.

“Because we are African American people, we are naturally deficient because of the melanin in our skin. It blocks out vitamin D, OK? It blocks out vitamin D. For the most part, not all of us, but a lot of us just don’t like to be in the sun, and that’s where vitamin D comes from. It comes from the sun,” Perry advises, based on his multiple conversations with various health professionals including dermatologists, physicians and others.

Perry encouraged viewers to obtain a reading of their Vitamin D levels as soon as they can.

“See your doctor if you can, or call them if you’re doing telehealth, and ask them about checking your vitamin D. Don’t nobody go to the hospital right now. I know it’s been difficult to do.”

This medical crisis hit close to home after one of Perry’s hairstylists, Charles Gregory, lost his battle with COVID-19.

Click continue to read the star’s reaction to his friend’s death and his pleas to the Black community to take COVID-19 seriously.

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