Blacks in China say they were told not to report racial discrimination

Blacks in China say they were told not to report racial discrimination
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After COVID-19 became a global pandemic, Black people in China began facing racism by government officials and citizens of the country.

Blacks were evicted from homes and businesses while experiencing other forms of discrimination. Police reportedly ordered bars and restaurants not to serve clients who appear to be of African origin. Local officials also have launched mandatory testing and self-quarantine for anyone with African contacts.

Some Black Americans have reported to the U.S. Embassy that businesses such as hotels and stores have refused to do business with them.

The public health bureau in Guangzhou, China, told reporters that rumors had emerged that “300,000 Black people in Guangzhou were setting off a second epidemic.” Those rumors, however, were untrue.

After the stories of racism in China went viral, the government attempted to silence Black people who faced discrimination.

According to BuzzFeed News, multiple Africans in China were confronted by police for sharing incidents of racial harassment and abuse. Chinese government officials are reportedly monitoring social media activity by Black people and discouraging them from sharing their experiences with the world. Some reportedly have been forced to delete videos or photos they posted about the racism they faced.

Once the initial story went viral, two leaders in the Black community decided to join forces to help those in need.

Bobi Wine, a Ugandan politician and musician, teamed up with Neil Nelson of Atlanta Black Star to help those in need, according to a joint press release by Wine and Nelson.

The two are working together to airlift those who have been affected by racism in China.

“The two leaders are currently working together to facilitate a humanitarian mission to airlift those Africans and African Americans who are affected by these attacks to a country in Africa that is willing to receive them,” the statement read. “We are also prepared to evacuate them to the United States for those holding U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status.”

However, that task reportedly has been hard to manage since Blacks in China often come from different countries, and during a pandemic, some countries have banned the entry of planes from China.

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