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Music » Trina destroys Khia after saying she’d defeat the ‘LHHMIA’ star on IG (video)

Trina destroys Khia after saying she’d defeat the ‘LHHMIA’ star on IG (video)

Rapper Khia (Image source: Instagram – @khiathugmisses)

Rapper Khia lit a fuse beneath fellow femcee Trina when Khia dared to say she’d defeat the “Love and Hip Hop Miami” star in an Instagram Live battle.

Trina unfurled her emotions and sprayed venom all over the radio station room of 99 JAMS in Miami while stating that Khia is beneath her.

Khia, whose full name is Khia Shamone Finch, soared to fame off the risque single “My Neck, My Back (Lick It).” She boldly stated she would win a battle against her longtime nemesis Trina.

Khia, 42, made the declaration while being broadcasted live stream during a phone conversation with a friend of hers on Instagram Live.

“You wanna have a hit battle [expletive]?” Khia said in Trina’s direction. “I got 285 hits to put on your a–,” Khia added while laughing.

Once Trina, a star on “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” got wind of Khia’s statements, she fired off on Khia, saying that she will not “address no bum.” Yet, in the same breath, Trina did just that.

“Everybody knows me. I’m a queen. This is called royalty over here,” said Trina, 45, whose birth name is Katrina Laverne Taylor. “I’m not stepping off of my throne to address no bum, no chicks that are beneath me, and nobody that have not worked as hard as I have for anything.”

Trina was just revving up.

“So when you girls or whatever you want to be are calling my name. You want to battle. You want to do all of this,” she said. “First of all, make sure you have 10 hits. Make sure you have enough records. Make sure you’re on my level if you think you want to go toe to toe with me. Cause you cannot. Okay. Let’s make this very clear.”

Social media had fun weighing in on Khia’s audacious prediction and Trina’s fiery response. Check out a sampling below: