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LeBron James dismissed by Michael Jordan fans after ‘The Last Dance’ doc

Michael Jordan. (Image source: [email protected])

One of the most remarkable aspects of the record-breaking ESPN documentary “The Last Dance” is that LeBron James would shoot to the top of nationally trending topics, even though the enthralling documentary centered around Michael Jordan.

King James, 35, who has been the face of the NBA and its best player for the past decade, has been getting slammed by fanatical MJ followers who either despise the Los Angeles Lakers forward or are convinced that Jordan was a much better player than James.

More than 6 million people have tuned in during the five weeks that “The Last Dance” aired on ESPN, further cementing, if not enhancing, Jordan’s place in sports and pop culture.

The sentiments exemplified by many MJ fans were probably best summarized by the following Twitter post — written by one of the thousands of fans who have flooded social media since the last episode of the 10-part docuseries aired on Sunday, May 17:

Another noted that ESPN was “trolling” LeBron fans about the two NBA legends’ looks. ESPN’s “First Take” announced that its poll found that NBA fans preferred Jordan over James by a 2-to-1 margin:

Check out a sampling of the Twitter posts, with most denouncing King James, while some stood up to defend him.