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Black Lives Matter protesters attacked by driver who plowed car into rally

Another Black Lives Matter rally was attacked. On Sept. 3, dozens of people met to march in Times Square in New York to protest police brutality and racial injustice, according to WNYC.

Shortly after 8:00 p.m., a car approached the intersection where protestors converged to let their voices be heard. The dark sedan hit the horn before mashing on the gas and hitting several people on foot and on bicycles. The person in the car sped off without stopping to check on those who were hit.

Police say the person behind the wheel of the car was a part of a group of pro-Trump supporters who clashed with members of Black Lives Matter before the crash took place.

At press time, no one has been treated for injuries that may have occurred during the incident. Police are currently looking to interview those who are at the rally and investigating whether to charge the driver of the car with a crime.

It’s the third time in two weeks that pro-Trump supporters have clashed with members of Black Lives Matter. In Kenosha, Wisconsin, alleged terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse killed two people and wounded one during protests over a White cop shooting Jacob Blake in the back seven times. According to his social media pages, Rittenhouse is a pro-Trump supporter. And in Portland, a pro-Trump supporter was killed during a rally. The alleged gunman, Micheal Reinoehl, told Vice News that he acted in self-defense. Reinoehl was shot and killed by police on Sept. 3.

The police shootings, protests, and racial strife have served as key issues during a contentious election year.