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Tamar Braxton says WeTV exploiting suicide attempt for ratings

Tamar Braxton (Photo Credit: Bang Media)

We have a feeling that WeTV is going to get charbroiled over the open fire next week.

That’s when Tamar Braxton will visit the set of the “Tamron Hall Show” to air out her grievances for the alleged egregious ways the network has used her pain to their profit.

Braxton fired back at WeTV after it recently aired the super trailer for the upcoming season of the “Braxton Family Values.” One of the major storylines is, of course, the drama surrounding Braxton’s suicide attempt at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Los Angeles in July.

The youngest Braxton singing sibling got raw on WeTV and vowed they will get severe lashings for their transgressions against her.

“After waking up to that disgusting trailer… F— @wetv and whomever else is participating in using my pain for their pleasure and ratings,” she fumed on her Instagram and Twitter platforms. “Don’t miss my exclusive TELL ALL on my girl @tamronhall show next week‼️… at some point this abuse HAS to STOP‼️‼️”

The new season of the “Braxton Family Values” is scheduled to air beginning on Nov. 5 at 9 EST.

Braxton also added in the comments section: “And P.s. IM NOT FILMING FOR THIS SEASON! THEY ARE DOING THIS WHILE IM NOT ON THE SHOW‼️‼️ #SCUMBAGS—.”

While some do not sympathize with Braxton’s dilemma, saying she “signed up” for this, Braxton explained that she did not film an episode this season. Which means the network chose to film behind her back, she says.