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News2 » Footage captures mother being killed in front of her 2 children

Footage captures mother being killed in front of her 2 children

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Surveillance footage inside a department store captured the harrowing fatal shooting of a Black mother. The woman was reportedly shot in front of her two young children.

Cali, Columbia security official Carlos Rojas reported that on Monday, Nov. 23, María Cristina Calle, 46, was on her way to an appointment in Cali, Colombia when she was confronted by the gunman. The footage captured the man shooting at the woman a total of four times, including once in the head, throat, and chest, according to the New York Post. She reportedly died at the scene The shooter, however, fled almost immediately after firing at Calle.

As reports of Calle’s death began circulating, there was more speculation about the identity of the shooter. Now, most recent reports suggest that the alleged shooter was actually Calle’s boyfriend, according to The Sun.

Cali mayor Jorge Ivan Ospina is offering a reward for information regarding the shooter. Describing the shooting as “femicide,” Ospina also echoed the reports about the identity of the shooting suspect.

“Everything suggests that it was her ex-boyfriend so it is a new case of femicide,” Ospina said. “We cannot allow this crime to go unpunished.”

Gender equality advocate Nancy Faride called for change to better ensure the safety of women. “The city is mourning because another woman has been the victim of a public murder. Now, homes and public places are no longer safe for women. We feel very insecure.”

View the heartbreaking details via video after the jump.

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