Radio host Jeri Bingham goes to bat for introverts

What is one of the most sacred places you like to travel to to find peace and purpose?

There are two sacred places that I like to travel to to find peace and purpose. In the U.S, it’s Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona, and internationally, it’s Eze, a small village on the side of a mountain in the South of France near Nice. Both help bring clarity, peace, unparalleled joy and beauty by the natural surroundings (France) or the spiritual teachings, workshops and relaxation (Miraval).

What is your favorite song or book that brings you peace and purpose?

My favorite book that brings me peace and purpose is The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav. I read it over 25 years ago and it was life-changing in the way that the author weaves through profound topics of karma, evolution, reverence, intuition and tapping into your power. I listened to the audiobook in 2019, and it again was life-changing at this new age and time in my life. The messages were still poignant and more relevant than ever. After listening to it or reading it, I always feel grateful, reinvigorated and overjoyed about all of life’s possibilities.

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