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Christen Rochon touts the power of doing in ‘The Creative Discipline Project’

What’s the story behind the title of the book?

The story behind the title of the book was about unmasking the real secret sauce of success. Discipline isn’t a sexy or exciting word for creatives on the entrepreneurial journey, but it’s necessary for 100% of what we do to reach success. The Creative Discipline Project title isn’t so much about the goal of success, but it’s about each reader’s journey on their way to reaching their destination.

How did you develop your theme?

As a self-help book, I wanted to include relatable characters, moments and examples. I’m inspired by all sorts of entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires. I share inspirational stories of people like Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Daymond John within this book’s pages. I share a few anecdotes and moments of self-reflection throughout my 20-year media career as well.

What makes this an essential read for today’s entrepreneurs?

I believe that this book is an essential read for entrepreneurs and a game-changer for several reasons. First, there are so many applicable gems in the book that readers can immediately use to increase structure and productivity while on their journey. Secondly, if you’re starting with an idea from scratch, there are workbook pages included in the book that will escort your idea from concept to completion. Lastly, if this pandemic has taught us anything, it has taught us that there’s power in doing. No matter what project or goal you have, making that first step is monumental, and this book will inspire readers throughout their process.

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