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John Legend distances himself from prosecutor charged with sexual assault

John Legend arrives at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar party held at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on Feb. 9, 2020, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. (Photo credit: Xavier Collin / Image Press Agency / Bang Media)

John Legend is distancing himself from former Massachusetts prosecutor Adam John Foss who’s currently fighting sexual assault charges. Legend went on Twitter to express his disappointment in the former prosecutor turned criminal justice reform champion. Legend tweeted, “In 2015 we (my org @freeamerica, @tystiklorius and I) helped elevate Adam John Foss and the concept of progressive prosecutors. I later learned that he used his platform to harm women.”

Legend used his platform in the past to shed light on progressive prosecutors, including Foss with his Free America campaign back in 2015. Free America is one of the singer’s movements founded to end mass incarceration. Some of that notoriety led to Foss achieving over two-million plus views on his “Ted Talks” spotlight.

Legend further tweeted, “He used my name and association to gain credibility, and while we are committed to a world where people’s lives aren’t defined by their mistakes, it’s unacceptable to use one’s power and influence to harm women. We are so sorry to all of the women he has harmed.”

Since November, Foss has been under investigation for alleged sexual assault in Suffolk, Massachusetts and has denied all allegations. One of his victims also detailed her rape online in an essay called “The Wolf and the Whisper” and claims that Foss also name-checked the singer in their initial conversation.

Foss has remained quiet while the investigation is ongoing, but stated last year, “Some of my callous and insensitive behavior has caused many people anguish, but I deny any allegations of nonconsensual sexual relations. With respect to District Attorney Rachael Rollins’ recent statement referencing a pending investigation, I do not wish to compromise that process by commenting further. In addition, this is a more appropriate time for me to listen than to speak.”