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Lil Mama to start a ‘heterosexual rights movement’ after transphobia debate

Lil Mama to start a ‘heterosexual rights movement’ after transphobia debate
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Lil Mama caught some flack this week for agreeing with a social media post from Black advocate Rizza Islam, stating that children are too young to make decisions regarding changing their sex at early stages in life.

“So children are too young to smoke cigarettes, too young to drink alcohol, too young to get a drivers license, too young to go to a club, too young to gamble, too young to rent a car, but old enough to cut off their genitals or ‘change’ their gender? This is insanity #America,” stated Islam in the post which ignited the social media frenzy.

“Used to be a cat, now ima dog, whatever to stop new life reproduction,” the multifaceted entertainer posted.

From there social media went in on Lil Mama taking her comments as a slight to the transgender community and veteran actress Jackée Harry even came for the “Lip Gloss” rapper.

“The lip gloss was never really that poppin’. Be true to yourself. You were made perfectly. I love you for who you truly are. [rainbow emoji][hearts emoji],” Harry posted on Instagram.

Clearly feeling the “227” actress missed her point entirely, Lil Mama fired back ferociously at the former “Sister, Sister” star.

“Thought you was a sister, sister. More like a sister act! That’s the problem now. These new young girls don’t respect y’all old b——. Why? Because y’all don’t reach out and provide genuine council. You play these internet childish games and end up in a childish mix. Where are our role models? Because I’m tired of y’all old Hollywood bulls—-. Kiss my — Jackie,” posted the Harlem entertainer.

Lil Mama then proceeded to call out the LGBTQ+ community for being bullies whenever straight people voiced their opinions.

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