Nivea talks of being pimped out by her manager and many other horrors (video)

Nivea talks of being pimped out by her manager and many other horrors (video)
Singer Nivea (Image source: Instagram -@thisisnivea)

Songstress Nivea delivered a devastatingly heartbreaking testimonial of her life and career while visiting Kandi Burruss’ “On That Note.” This included being pimped out by her manager and how Lil Wayne got her and actress Lauren London pregnant at the same time.

Nivea also revealed how her depression and addiction got so bad in her early 30s that she would frequently be “scraping through” her carpet looking for cocaine remnants to inhale.

Nivea’s shocking transparency can be viewed on the YouTube video that has garnered nearly 500K views in under 48 hours.

Nivea B. Hamilton, 39, who is known monomously as Nivea, began by revealing that the song that rocketed her to stardom 21 years ago, “Danger (Been So Long)” with Mystikal, was originally meant for another rising star.

“I got my record deal and I got on ‘Danger’ like immediately,” Nivea told Burruss. “They were supposed to [have] Kelis–I don’t know what happened. And they was like ‘Throw Nivea on there.’”

Nivea’s personal tale took a very dark turn when she discussed her abusive and exploitative relationship with her manager, whom she says beat her, stole money from her and pimped her out to people while she was underage.

“We had got in a fight. He didn’t punch me in the face, but I had bruises like all over my body because he was dragging me through the house because I was trying to leave,” she recalls. “And I ended up running down the street to a McDonald’s, I called [Lil] Wayne… and I called the police. And they took me back to the house to get my stuff.”

Nivea progressed to her tortuous love life with Lil Wayne whom she says repeatedly broke her heart, yet she would return to him. The first time, Lil Wayne tricked her into moving out of their house in order to move Toya Johnson (who was then called Toya Wright) in.

“He was like ‘I never stayed in an apartment before, let’s get an apartment.’ So we moved out the house and got an apartment. I didn’t realize he did that to move Toya back in the house,” she said.

The second time Lil Wayne hurt her emotionally was years later, after she suffered through a heartbreaking divorce from producer The Dream. Nivea recounted how she and Lil Wayne got back together, but later on found out that she and Lauren London were pregnant by Wayne at the same time.

“He told me to sit down, and told me Lauren London was pregnant… Ironically, Lauren and I became like d–m sisters. She really helped me through my pregnancy. We really leaned on each other… It was surreal. We was real real close. Wayne was like ‘Uhhhh, this is weird!’”

Nivea said that is when she descended down a black hole of depression and drug addiction that she thought she would never recover from.

Listen to Nivea’s profound testimonial on Burruss’ podcast, “On That Note,” on the next page.

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