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Author, influencer Bawse Lady shares how she banked $2.5 million in 12 months

Author, influencer Bawse Lady shares how she banked $2.5 million in 12 months
Sharmeeka “Bawse Lady” Brooks (Photo credit: J. Odell)

Believe it or not, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker and wellness professional Sharmeeka Brooks was once so insecure that she created an alter ego to overcome suicidal thoughts and raging self-esteem issues. She first adopted the handle “Beautiful,” which she used on social media to absorb attention from followers and the like. However, she still felt ugly inside. Over time, she did away with that handle and took on the identity of Bawse Lady, because, well… she wanted to be a boss one day. It’s safe to say that day has arrived, as Brooks is a successful network marketing professional who banked $2.5 million during the pandemic and recently released a book — Foundation to Elevation — where she shares her secrets to success with her adoring public.

Bawse Lady recently sat down with rolling out to provide some insight into her financial queendom.

What was the inspiration behind you writing the book?

It’s actually an amazing story, how I was able to write [Foundation to Elevation]. So you know, COVID is kind of ending, but people are kind of resuming  their normal activity.

A pastor called me [on] June 11, at 11 p.m. and she said, “You need to get back to being the real boss. You need to get back to your journey with God. And you need to write a book. …That book is what’s going to start changing the lives of so many people, because a lot of people are hurt. A lot of people [are] going through a lot of things, and people respect you a lot, because of your journey and your authenticity … they believe in you.”

So that’s actually how I became to write that book.

I don’t want you to give away too much, but what is your secret to success? Because everybody wants to make $2.5 million in a year.

No, you know, the foundation is really God first. Personal Development, the environment that you’re in, because your environment plays a big role. … Your mind has to continually keep growing towards your purpose. Once you have God first, he’s gonna show you the purpose.

But is there a formula that you can share that others can follow and is it in the book?

Yes, so the formula actually is in the book, and what most people [expect] this spectacular Solar System type wild thing. And it’s really not [that]. It’s really the basics, but continuing [to do] the same thing every day, and not changing the script. Because most people, they’ll do something for 90 days and say, it’s not working. But you really need to do this for nine months, maybe you need to do it for nine years. … But if you quit, you’re not going to be on the right track to embrace that person who’s coming to help you on your journey.

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