Ashley Nicole Blake makes her television debut in Fox’s ‘Our Kind of People’

How was that transition from the stage to “Our Kind of People,” a TV show? Talk about some of the differences and similarities and how you adapted. 

I think that the transition from theater to film is always — like you expect it to be — difficult. But I think that the difficulties were different than I expected. Usually, people say on stage we play so big and then you’re put in front of a camera and then do nothing. Like tone everything back 5,000%, and that actually wasn’t true, especially in my situation where I play a super emotional person. But the things that were different, I think that is really special. You actually get a lot more creative say in film.

I love what they’re showing behind the scenes and like what your character is doing. Are we going to see more of you? 

I love this character so much and I love the relationship between mother and daughter, mother and grandmother, and granddaughter and grandmother. I love all of these female relationships. It makes me so excited to be part of that. I of course, would love to see more of that. We shall see.

Watch the complete interview here.

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