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Playboi Carti needs to speak up and protect Rico Nasty, Black women

Playboi Carti – (Photo Credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre)

It’s been a social media phrase used extensively over the past half decade.

Protect Black women.

The premise is simple.

Be kind to Black women, respect Black women and love Black women.

It is now time for Playboi Carti to protect a Black woman and fellow artist Rico Nasty on his “King Vamp Narcissist Tour.”

Nasty, the eccentric, energetic rapper from the DMV area has climbed through the ranks of the underground scene to the mainstream led by a medley of popular tracks, including her feature on Doja Cat’s “Tia Tamera.” A 2019 member of the XXL Freshman List, Rico Nasty is now opening for Carti, another alternative and energetic new school rapper with a cult following online. Despite the similar raging styles of the two performers, many of Carti’s younger White male fans have disrespected Nasty throughout the tour.

After White male fans booed Rico Nasty, lied down and pretended to be asleep for TikTok likes and chanted “Carti” during her set in Los Angeles, Nasty took to Twitter to tell the fans off.

Still, the disrespect continued.

In Portland, a fan threw a bottle at her on stage before she jumped in the crowd looking to confront the spectator face to face.

Despite receiving public support from producers Metro Boomin and Kenny Beats, or artists like JT and Zack Fox, Carti’s fans still only feel comfortable with being rude to Rico Nasty because she’s a Black woman.

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