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Opinions and Editorials » Opportunity knocking: Answer the door

Opportunity knocking: Answer the door

Julie Wenah, creator and founder of The Album and The Mixtape. (Photo credit: Steed Media)

Have you ever felt a calling over your life but gave yourself every excuse in the book as to why you can’t embark on the vision God has shown you?

I have.

I distinctly remember running and hiding from God and my purpose primarily because it felt so heavy — bigger than life — and I didn’t feel worthy or equipped. As women, we oftentimes find ourselves succumbing to imposter’s syndrome. But listen: If you don’t pay attention to the whispers and heed them, God will drag you screaming and kicking to your purpose, and who is really trying to do that.

Chicago-born and raised artist Noname expresses this beautifully in her song “Reality Check” on the Telefone album. In “Reality Check,” opportunity comes knocking at Noname’s door — not once, not twice, but thrice.  However, she’s apprehensive to answer the door and makes up every excuse in the book to not lean into her purpose.

The first time opportunity comes knocking, Noname says, “Opportunity knocking, a n—- was out for coffee, inadequate like my window / The Grammys is way too lofty / And I could stay here forever, I could die here, I don’t have to try here/ Can I get my two sugars please?”

Here, Noname is beginning her string of excuses for why she can’t answer the figurative door.  She’s gone out for coffee and is not home when opportunity knocks. She then begins to call herself inadequate. Well, yes, that is true, we are inadequate. But through our gifts, we are equipped and more than adequate to share our experiences and gifts to serve. Noname then shudders at the thought of being considered for a Grammy and that she should probably stay at the level she is out of comfort. Many people experience this world from a complacent perspective, completely content with doing the bare minimum in order to live a “safe” and “secure” life.  However, there is power in leaning into the unknown, particularly when your intuition tells you there is a gift you are responsible for bringing to the world.

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