Comedian Teddy Ray dead at 32

Another Black comedian has been taken away from the world too soon. On Aug. 12, multiple reports confirmed comedian Teddy Ray died at 32. His cause of death has not been reported. Ray was best known for his viral clip talking about a woman being “double-cheeked up” on a Thursday afternoon. In December 2021, Ray […]

How singer-songwriter Adam Ness is bending music with his style

Detroit native Adam Ness is a frequent feature at Tribe, a supper club in Chicago. This writer recently visited Tribe and upon entering the space I could hear, Ness’ voice cut through the background chatter and illuminate it with an angelic quality. The riffs and melodies he is able to create with his voice are […]

Rapper Noname’s free Radical Hood Library helping educate ‘homies’

Noname has taken her book club to the next level, launching the Radical Hood Library in the Jefferson Park neighborhood of Los Angeles on Saturday, Oct. 2. The Chicago native started a book club in 2019 that focused solely on works written by people of color and set a goal of providing “reading materials for […]

J. Cole takes heat for controversial new single, ‘Snow on Tha Bluff’

J. Cole released a surprise single in the midst of the uprising that’s occurring globally following the untimely death of George Floyd. Cole’s song, “Snow on Tha Bluff” became a trending topic during the early morning hours of June 17 due to its lyrical content. The song came two weeks after Chicago-based rapper, Noname, posted […]

Opportunity knocking: Answer the door

Have you ever felt a calling over your life but gave yourself every excuse in the book as to why you can’t embark on the vision God has shown you? I have. I distinctly remember running and hiding from God and my purpose primarily because it felt so heavy — bigger than life — and […]

Rapper says she will no longer ‘dance on a stage for White people’

Rapper Noname caused a stir on social media after sharing her thoughts on being an artist who performs for majority White audiences. On Thanksgiving, the Chicago native posted an image of a Black woman applying clown makeup on her face while staring at a mirror. “Me, consistently creating content that is primarily consumed by a […]

The top 5 album releases from Chicago artists in 2018

For sure, 2018 has been a fulfilling year for music and has represented a changing of the guard in some aspects and the resurgence of lyricism in others. It has been an exciting year and Chicago has had some major releases that accent the high caliber of talent that lives and breathes in the Windy […]

Noname delivers real music and humanity on ‘Room 25’

Noname’s newest release Room 25 sounds like freedom, liberation, real raps and a walk on the beach. The Chicago emcee is unorthodox. Her style is intricate, thoughtful and precise. The first two songs, “Self” and “Blaxploitation” provide the mood and message that lives in the tapestry.  “Blaxploitation” is one of the most skillfully written and […]

5 rappers you may not know, but should

Here’s a harsh reality as it relates to the music industry: no matter how talented one is, there will always be artists who never receive their just due. Perhaps more egregious than any other musical subgenre, this behavior runs rampant in hip-hop, where a current crop of tattoo-faced industry trolls have somehow convinced the world […]

Top 5 Chicago artist to check for in 2017

Depending on who you ask, many would say 2016 has been a miserable year; but when it comes to music it has been undeniably amazing. Chicago has been leading the charge by way of hip hop and soul. Chance the Rapper is currently the leader of the new school and his seven Grammy nominations are […]