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ChellaH explains how Soulja Boy helped her and becoming a mother changed her

ChellaH explains how Soulja Boy helped her and becoming a mother changed her
Artist and actress ChellaH (Photo by Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

ChellaH is a woman of many talents. The Chicago native has owned businesses, acted in movies, hosted podcasts, performed comedy and made music. She often credits growing up in Chi-Town for her stellar work ethic and commitment to expanding her professional horizons but admits that all of those achievements pale in comparison to her primary accomplishment, being a mother.

ChellaH recently stopped by rolling out to discuss the impact of being a parent and drop a freestyle for the enjoyment of the viewing audience.

How much do you attribute your go-getter mentality to being from Chicago?

I would say all of it. I come from the bottom. So I guess when you come from where I come from, the goal was to get to the top by any means. So I’m just a multitasking hustler.

How has motherhood affected your drive?

It just motivated me even more. Even still, when your children get bigger, you still are obligated to be a parent. People think when your child turns 18 then that’s it, but no, it doesn’t go like that. You have to keep being involved and I just always instilled that in him. I like living a certain lifestyle, so that’s just how I am. I’m a workaholic. I’m always working even when I’m off. So that’s just what it is.

You have songs with Trina, Lil Durk and Soulja Boy. What has it been like working with Soulja Boy?

Soulja Boy, I met him years and years ago. … I was in the studio with him, we talk often on the phone. He flew out to L.A. for one week and we did a video for the song. That was a while ago, that song is called “Fleek.”

YouTube video

We also have a new song that’s recent where I went out and did the same thing. We haven’t done the video yet, but he did the first one and I f— with Soulja Boy. I see a side of him a lot of people might not see. I see the wild side, but I really just love him as a person. … He’s done a lot for me because he didn’t have to do anything. I [will] carry him with respect for the rest of my life.

Would you consider him a Chicago rapper?

I will say he’s mixed, like how I’m mixed with multiple projects, so I’ll give him mixed with Atlanta, mixed with Chicago, mixed with a little country. Whatever he says, that’s what it is. He was the first person to be the mixed rapper, the first person to do that, so like I said, I’ll never have something slick to say about him.

Watch the full interview, and ChellaH’s freestyle, below.

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