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Woman arrested after making ‘McMess,’ twerking at restaurant (videos)

Woman arrested after making 'McMess,' twerking at restaurant (videos)
Tianis Jones (Image source: Polk County Sheriff’s Office)

Tianis Jones got upset.

The 22-year-old woman, who said she is pregnant, was arrested in Florida on May 20 after causing a scene inside a  McDonald’s because her order was wrong. Amid her frustration with the food mishap, Jones called 911 and demanded to get her money back.

Surveillance footage then shows Jones apparently swiping items off the counter before going behind the counter and knocking over cups. She began picking up more cups and throwing them at employees as her sister tried to hold her back.

Before leaving the establishment, Jones began twerking.

As Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd showed the footage, he narrated all of the acts.

“This is going to be McInteresting. Look right here,” Judd said. “She’s a pretty lady, but she was McMad … There was not calming her down, she was in a McRage … I don’t know if she was like two fries short of a Happy Meal, or maybe she was short of the Happy Meal completely, but she created a McMess, and she acted like a McNut, but you know what she ended up as? A McBurglar. She didn’t get her Happy Meal, or her fish sandwich or her chocolate shake or sweet tea, but she managed to get herself into a lot of McTrouble.”

She was charged with misuse of 911, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and burglary with assault/battery. Her total bond amount of $3,500 was paid and she was released on May 20, according to Polk County records.

YouTube video

Below is the commentary, and all the McDonald’s puns, from Judd.

YouTube video

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