Angela Yee reveals what’s next for her after ‘The Breakfast Club’

Yee gives a glimpse of the next steps in her life
Angela Yee reveals what's next for her after 'The Breakfast Club'
Angela Yee at 2022 Investfest in Atlanta (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

Angela Yee is ever-evolving.

One-third of “The Breakfast Club” announced she is leaving the show this fall to host two nationally syndicated radio shows.

“This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years now since way before the pandemic,” Yee said on the air. “It’s really, honestly exciting. I can’t believe it. It took a long time to make this happen, so I want to thank everyone at iHeart, but of course, I really want to thank the listeners.”

Yee also spoke at Investfest in Atlanta on Aug. 7.

After her “Women in Business” panel with Pinky Cole and Milano Di Rouge, Yee spoke to rolling out about what she has in store next.

We’re here at Investfest with a big emphasis on business. What upcoming business moves are you thinking about? What’s next for you?

What I really want to do is help other people who are trying to start things. So I’ve been working on helping some people who are starting their own platforms and their own podcasts. That’s for me to be a little bit more behind the scenes. And then I’m continuing to invest. I just started with this group of women that I put together. What we’re about to start doing is going to be really amazing. We’re getting our first multi-unit property. So we’ll be closing on that soon. Then, we look at it as the first of many. So we’ve already created our group, our LLC, and we have really big plans.

What was it like being on a panel with Milano and Pinky?

Man, it just made me feel like I can’t believe I’m here. Sometimes, we sit down and talk about like our accomplishments, and to hear somebody else say it, it just feels different. Because sometimes you just do things and you don’t think about it or put it all together in one paragraph. I really have accomplished more than I ever thought I could in my lifetime. So it is a great feeling to be able to do that. To know we have so much more left to do and so many more things that we’re aspiring toward, it’s like, “OK. Let me get on my game.” Then, I also take into consideration how can we work on some things together.

What advice do you give to women entering the industry for supporting healthy competition as opposed to feeling bad about themselves?

A couple of things I will say is to cut out the gossip …  Sometimes it gets taken out of context or whatever. Be really forward and straight up. Also just know if somebody shows you who they are, believe them. And so if there are people you feel have ill intentions towards you, just steer clear. You can always be cordial, but don’t give them any type of fuel and don’t entertain those things.

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