Majorlilkween details new Bali Baby collaboration; reveals who’s making smoke

The Estonian native moved to New York to chase her dreams
Majorlilkween details new Bali Baby collaboration; reveals who's making smoke
Majorlilkween and Bali Baby. (Photo credit: JOAQUIN VARGAS / SINEMATIC STUDIOS)

Majorlilkween continues to make smoke in New York with her latest collaboration “Rogue” with Bali Baby.

The single is ntended to be a women’s empowerment anthem encouraging self-love in the social media era. At 16 The rapper moved from the European nation of Estonia to New York City to pursue her fashion career. Recently, she talked with rolling out about her latest single and her  booming career.

How would you describe your creative process?

I am a very hands on and visual person.

It all starts with vibing to melodies, samples or just playing instruments at the studio. Then, the producer and I start building the beat. Once we have something we both like, he keeps fine tuning and I start writing. After I lay down a demo, I take it home, listen to it a thousand times and rearrange things until I’m ready to go back to the studio.

Then, I lay down a first draft with my vocal coach/writer Leighann Benn and we work on lyrics, melodies and harmonies, if needed.

Then, I move on to mixing and mastering. By that time, I already had a concept for the cover and visual.

Once we have everything shot, I edit the photos and video, and then the marketing planning begins. Usually I’m working on two or three songs at various stages at a time.

Who in New York is making smoke right now?

In music, obviously Ice Spice literally applies the pressure on all the girlies.

Shxpir is an incredible New York-based photographer, visual and digital artist, doing the sickest animated installations and pop ups for brands like Private Policy, Salvadore Ferragamo and Coach. Murder Bravado is the hardest designer emerging from New York period. His denim work is super creative and iconic. Ev has a co-sign from Virgil and got all the biggest rappers on lock.

How was it working with Bali Baby?

It was a dream. I’ve known her for a few years prior so we already had built a relationship and chemistry. I adore her work ethic and how on point she is with even the smallest details. We both have that in common. She was into the whole creative vision of the song, images and video while bringing her own bad b— flavor to the table. I had so much fun, it didn’t even feel like we were working. When women come together it truly is magic.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Be your own biggest supporter, if you want something bad enough it will happen and you will put in the necessary work. Don’t let nothing or no one stop you. Believe in the dream. Practice makes perfect. Go out of your way to find ways to make it happen.

Where can people find your music?

I am on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Tidal, YouTube and TikTok as Majorlilkween. Instagram @alexelizabethljadov and Twitter @lostmyjuul.

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