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Reign operates the No. 1 organic sanitary napkin company in the country

Reign’s goal is to bring light to the taboo subject of menstruation
Reign operates the No. 1 organic sanitary napkin company in the country
Photo courtesy of Demond Crump
Reign is the No. 1 family-owned and operated organic sanitary napkin company in the country. Reign’s mission is to raise awareness by informing teens and women globally about the potential toxicity of tampon use.

Please let our audience know a little bit about you.

My name is Demond Crump and I am a proud U.S. veteran and have been a serial entrepreneur since 1994. In 2019, my family and I started Jewel Sanitary Napkins LLC, the parent company for Reign Sanitary Napkins, where I serve as owner and CEO. Reign has grown tremendously in a very short time and is currently on track to reach our first major revenue milestone of $100 million annually. Above all of the titles and accolades that the world has bestowed upon me, I am a loving father, husband and mentor who desires to break generational curses and achieve wealth so that others aspiring to reach similar goals understand that nothing is unattainable when you have a plan and a support system that works just as hard as you do.

A few years ago, my wife, Qiana, experienced a terrible reproductive health issue where doctors recommended that she undergo a surgery that would require a partial hysterectomy. The heavy bleeding that she was left with after the procedure caused me to seek a prototype sanitary pad that surpassed the absorbency of anything we were able to find in big box stores. The prototype cost me $6 to produce and about a year to bring to market. Our consumers all over the world swear by our triple absorbency and have shared sentiments of it being like nothing they’ve experienced before.

What have you learned about yourself in doing this type of work?

This work has strengthened my emotional intelligence and is a constant reminder of the education that is still needed to help men understand the complexities that women may face in regard to menstruation.

When young men are not educated on the menstrual cycle or looped into discussions on women’s reproductive health, they grow up to become adult men who are not supportive of women during “that time of the month.” They create memes that paint women as “crazy” or hard to deal with when in fact, a woman having a period is the only reason they exist today. It is important that men educate themselves on the menstrual cycle so that they grow to become emotionally supportive partners, fathers and friends for women.

Since Reign is a family-owned and operated business, what are your thoughts on generational wealth?

Having financial conversations early with your children can lead to better decision-making around money and help them avoid making many of the same financial mistakes we did growing up. An early understanding of money, and building a healthy relationship with money, leads to generational wealth; a wealth that extends past the present and into the future. This should be the goal for those in business for the long haul.

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