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Wendy Williams was ‘at death’s door’ before intervention

Those close to Williams give clues as to why she could not return to her show
Wendy Williams was 'at death's door' before intervention
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Wendy Williams was in a “catatonic” state and close to death when she was rescued by friends and rushed to the hospital.

Word is just getting out now that the former talk show queen was “at death’s door” in 2020 when family and staff, mainly ex-husband Kevin Hunter Sr. and son, Kevin Jr. and DJ Boof, got her to get two blood transfusions at the local medical center. She remained in the hospital for a week because her iron levels were dangerously low.

“She’s going to die. She literally couldn’t stand up,” Page Six reports a source confiding to the newspaper. 

The incident gives clues as to why Williams was unable to return to her show for the 13th and final season in August 2021, and why the show was unceremoniously discontinued in the summer of 2022. 

“She was just lying on top of the covers, and she needed 911 help, and [Weny’s] like, ‘We’re not getting 911,'” the source said of the 2020 episode in her apartment. “Kevin and Kevin Jr. were both saying, ‘Please, come on, Mom. Let [Ron and his team] come up.’” 

DJ Boof, a close friend, eventually drove Williams to the hospital. The sources told the newspaper that Williams may not have survived another day on her own. She was reportedly found in a soiled bathrobe, laying down and staring at the ceiling but not responding to anyone.

“Boof was the savior of her f—— life,” the source said. “She was really, in my opinion, at death’s door.” 

The eyewitness also said: “If we were not there that day, she would not be here. She would not have made it. If it weren’t for Kevin and Ron Clinton and his team, she wouldn’t have made it.”

Shawn Zanotti, Wendy’s publicist, told Page Six that it is not constructive to revisit two years ago and that the focus should remain on Williams’ current stint in rehab. 

“The focus is not on anything from her past. The only focus we have at this time is for Wendy to continue to strive at getting better and moving forward,” Zanotti said. “Right now she is healing and working on the second part of her documentary and her podcast, she has several things that are demanding her attention right now and past gossip is not one of them.”  

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