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3 White officers arrested and charged after beating Black man in jail

The video went viral on social media in early November
3 White officers arrested and charged after beating Black man in jail
(Photo credit: / Tinnakorn jorruang)

Three south Georgia deputies have been fired and charged after a video went viral of them repeatedly punching a Black detainee at the Camden County jail.

The incident occurred on Sept. 3 but garnered national attention this month when an attorney posted violent surveillance footage showing several sheriff’s office employees surrounding 41-year-old Jarrett Hobbs inside a small cell and beating him.

Hobbs suffered from swelling and a chipped tooth, and one of his dreadlocks was ripped off his head during the fight.

Twenty-one-year-old Braxton Massey, 23-year-old Mason Garrick, and 24-year-old Ryan Biegel were arrested Tuesday and charged with battery and violating their oath of office.

Massey worked with the sheriff’s office for six months, Garrick worked there for 18 months, and Biegel worked for the agency for three years. All three were booked into the Camden County jail.

Hobbs’ attorney requested that federal authorities investigate whether his civil rights were violated and if the jailers potentially committed a hate crime since Hobbs is Black and the three deputies are White.

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