Upoez co-founder Aisha Head wants to help capture life’s precious moments

The entrepreneur is building a tech company and representing Black women along the way
Upoez co-founder Aisha Head wants to help capture life's precious moments
Upoez co-founder Aisha Head (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

Aisha Head doesn’t want you to miss any more moments. The entrepreneur co-founded Upoez, a business allowing users to book social media professionals to document special nights. It’s a happy medium between not always hiring full-out professional photographers, but also not having to worry about the hassle of taking photos and videos yourself so you can enjoy the moment.

Recently, Head spoke to rolling out about her business and being a Black woman in tech.

What is Upoez?

Upoez is an on-demand marketplace of content creators, photo and video experts who utilize smartphone photography and videography to service our users.

At what point in life did you get interested in this?

My co-founder has always been an entrepreneur. A few years ago, I truly got inspired by seeing all of these phenomenal Black women flourishing on Instagram. I thought to myself having multiple streams of income is so important for us as a people, and why not step into that realm? So, a couple of years ago, I started one idea, but it didn’t go anywhere. Then, I went back to corporate. Then, my co-founder had this amazing idea, and I took the opportunity.

Why do Black women need to be represented in tech?

… For me, even stepping out having the confidence, and the audacity to even try to execute an idea is noteworthy. … That’s why we have women like Arian Simone, Morgan DeBaun and Arlan Hamilton who are trying to break down the barriers.

What is your message to those young Black girls who want to get into the world of tech?

Wow, just you saying that really brings me chills. It’s very scary because then you have a level of responsibility to truly put your best foot forward. I am stepping into a world where, you know, I am going to be minuscule, I am going to be a needle in the haystack. One, because I’m not technical[ly] building a tech company. So it’s very important I learn every day the things I need to know. I need to go to the library, go on YouTube and find the information to … let other girls know they can do it.

My background is truly unorthodox. I don’t have the same background as your full-stack developer. … I literally built my MVP off of YouTube University. I was determined to learn how to build a WordPress website, just a mobile site to test my idea, and I did that with no prior knowledge. So trust me, if this young Black girl can do it, and if you knew my brand background … you would know you can do it.

Where can people find you to collaborate?

Follow us on Instagram, @Upoez_. You can go to www.upoez.com.

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