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Shea Pegues is pushing boundaries in the printing space with IDAP Solutions

Professional printer pulls from her family’s entrepreneurship legacy to build a million-dollar business

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Shea Pegues is pushing boundaries in the printing space with IDAP Solutions
Shea Pegues (Photo provided by Christal Jordan for rolling out)

Upon first glance, you would assume Shea Pegues is an actress or a model, but those who know her will tell you she is more likely to be cutting shapes on a CNC router in her 6,000-square-foot warehouse or loading her pickup truck at Home Depot with cutting boards. The Michigan-born, Atlanta-bred beauty owns one of Atlanta’s premier printing businesses and books clients such as Google, YouTube and the city of Atlanta, not to mention a never-ending list of celebrities and entertainment companies. After graduating from Fisk University and sinking her teeth into the automobile industry, Pegues said she learned the ins and outs of conventions and trade shows.

Born to entrepreneurial parents, Pegues knew she wanted a bigger piece of the profit than she was getting while working for a company, so she decided to start IDAP Solutions.

“Growing up, my family owned a Popeyes and a 7-Eleven. My father owned a liquor store and at one point, several other businesses. I knew the foundation of business because it was a part of my childhood. Entrepreneurship came naturally to me, I just had to learn the printing business,” she says.

Today, IDAP Solutions is one of the most sought after printing and marketing companies in the southeast. “I tell my clients if they can visualize it, we can create it. I love being able to take an idea or concept from someone’s head and [bring] it to life.”

IDAP solutions recently created signage for Atlanta’s annual Mayor’s Masked Ball, and a few months before did an interactive backdrop for YouTube Black 2022 celebration.

“We love serving our corporate clients, but I take pride in being a part of the branding for other small businesses,” she says.

From restaurants to swag for artists and elaborate events, IDAP has made a mark on the southeast and is prepped to leave an even larger footprint as the company expands.

As a Black woman, what do you consider your superpowers to be?

There are a huge amount of challenges we face not only as a woman but especially as a Black woman. Hav[ing] the ability to overcome and succeed without giving up or accepting defeat is a superpower. I also pride myself on pairing with encouraging teammates to prevail as well.

What are some of your proudest career achievements?

To date, my proudest career achievement is creating something that has made a difference in so many people’s lives. My business has influenced others to chase their own definition of success. I’m also proud of being able to create jobs and opportunities for other entrepreneurs. From many people pouring into me, I’ve been able to do the same for others in a domino effect. But I believe the second half of my career will be the best yet, I’m excited for the journey.

Shea Pegues is pushing boundaries in the printing space with IDAP Solutions
Shea Pegues (Photo provided by Christal Jordan for rolling out))

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