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Victor Hill still has voter support, despite enemies and federal conviction

Victor Hill picked his own successor, Clayton voters backed him
Victor Hill still has voter support, despite enemies and federal conviction
Levon Allen and Victor Hill (Photo courtesy of Victor Hill)

Even though it was Clayton County interim sheriff, Levon Allen who appeared on the Clayton County Sheriff’s Special Election Runoff ballot, a major force behind his victory was the beloved and controversial Sheriff Victor Hill. Recently convicted of federal charges stemming from the use of restraint chairs while sheriff, Victor Hill still garnered enough favor and respect from the citizens of Clayton County who made their voices heard twice in this special election, each time supporting the interim sheriff, Levon Allen, a Hill appointee. Hill made his intentions well-known early that his endorsement and political focus would be set on retaining Sheriff Allen as his successor. According to residents, they trust their former Sheriff Victor Hill and were confident in their decision to support his preferred candidate to keep Clayton safe.

The political gravity of this kind of victory is truly an anomaly given Hill’s recent federal conviction which many experts say will likely be overturned, the adverse media coverage, and being opposed by a former Clayton County Sheriff as well as current Clayton County Chairman, Jeff Turner, who both endorsed the loser Clarence Cox, chief investigator for the Fulton County Solicitor’s Office.

According to unofficial results, Allen received 50.88% of the vote while his opponent, Clarence Cox, had 49.12%. Roughly 182,000 voters turned out for the election and results will be officially certified next week.

Sheriff Allen has been working as interim Clayton sheriff since December 2022, when he was quietly sworn into office by Clayton Probate Court Judge Pam Ferguson. Prior to that, Allen had been the chief deputy of the sheriff’s office.

2 Responses

  1. This is such a terrible result. The people of Clayton must not understand that it isn’t so much the condition of the CCDC, though they are deplorable I know from a recent experience. It is mostly the staff that affect the daily goings on at the jail. They are ruthlessly, and despicable with their representation of Officers. They claim to be the foremost jail for the fight against crime, and are the ones involved in the most horrid crimes themselves right from the jail. They act as if it’s a paramilitary operation when they’re the ones who instigate most of the drama by coming onto the pods or forms, using profanity, cursing at the inmates and treating animals. Everyday what the call food comes at 4:30am, and next at 11:30am being the last time anything other than 2 sandwiches and a bag of chips are given. There are no drinks of any kind, no fruit or any thing resembling the national requirements for nutrients. And it cost thousands of dollars to house just 1 inmate per day. How is they can’t be given required nutrition, and more than the 2 times that they do. Mind you the trays they give have set in the hallways for hours before even being served. Therefore they’re always cold, sometimes seeming to be as cold as to feel like they’ve come out a refrigerator as opposed to their own kitchen. Three people inside of a cell, 1 on the floor and the toilet right there. It’s like living in a bathroom with 3 people. There is extortion, rape, stabbings; even murders going on in a place where some of your own relatives are being caged like animals. Yet you choose to back and support a convicted former Sheriff who’s mixed up in all sorts of criminal activities. And it’s common knowledge. No jail shouldn’t be a place where people should ever willing want to be, but we all deserve to be treated like human beings no matter the situation, or circumstances we find ourselves in. Utterly ridiculous. Why don’t you supporters do a surprise pop up with the Mayor and other elected officials. Better yet spend a week inside and you’ll have a change of mind and heart overnight. So glad I am moving to a different county, and chose not to vote at all. This will no longer be a county I have to worry anything about, but you should all.consider these things when it comes to your own loved ones, and those families who’ve lost their loved ones by the very men you chose to support; and elect as your Sherriffs; when the crooked ex Sheriff still has his hands all over and in your new elect. May God bless all those still inside that hell of a jail, and may he keep them safe until their bond or release. But oh, I’m still waiting for a court date 3 years now after being bonded out. Make it make sense especially when I’m able to prove my innocence…💪🙏🙏🤢

  2. I think that Mr. Hill was an exceptional Sheriff. If Mr.Allen was trained by him then he should also be a great sheriff for Clayton County also. I didn’t like the way that Mr. Cox campaigned, it was very off-putting.

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