Why the man who sold Chris Brown a monkey ended up in federal court

A man who sold a capuchin monkey to Chris Brown has been sentenced to five years probation. Jimmy Hammonds, a Florida man also known as “The Monkey Whisperer,” illegally sold the animal to Brown for $12,650 in Parrish, Florida, according to the Associated Press. Under the laws of Florida and California, where Brown lives, it […]

Man arrested after flying into Florida with 24 pounds of marijuana

A Black man was recently arrested upon landing at a Florida airport with over 20 pounds of marijuana. On Dec. 13, 2021, 33-year-old Jelani Reid checked his luggage at an airport in Sacramento, California, NBC-2 reported. Upon his arrival at the Southwest Florida International Airport, a K-9 sniffed the luggage and Reid was arrested and […]

Man, 44, had secret affair with niece half his age, now jailed for killing her

A Flordia man could be in jail for the rest of his life after allegedly killing his niece. The incident occurred in Miami, according to CBS Miami. Stephen Myers, 44, was reportedly involved in a two-year sexual affair with his 21-year-old niece, Winnie Mendoza. The two kept the affair a secret from family members. Myers […]

Florida man jailed after killing woman while using a gun for sexual foreplay

A Florida man faces time in prison after using a gun for sexual foreplay. Andrew Shinault, 23, wanted to take things to another level in the bedroom, according to WKBW. While engaging in sexual foreplay with his lover at his home in Valrico, FL, Shinault grabbed his registered gun and began using it as a way […]

Florida man allegedly shoots wife in the face for being ‘disrespectful’

Another insane incident has occurred in Flordia. This time, a man allegedly decided to shoot and kill his wife because she apparently hurt his feelings with words. According to the Sun-Sentinel, the incident occurred in Plantation, Florida, on Friday, May 10, 2019, when Fernando De Baere, 73, began arguing with his wife, Marisa Sherman, 47, about […]

Florida man arrested for attacking mom with this breakfast food

Last week, Callijas-Gasperin, 22, was arrested and charged with domestic battery following an incident with his mother. And while attacking your mother certainly rises to an egregious level, it’s the manner in which the attack took place that left both police and his mother perplexed. According to a probable cause statement, Callijas-Gasperin’s mother reported that […]

Florida man reveals why he remained on the hood of a car going 70 mph

Florida continues to be a state where odd things occur on a regular basis. The latest puzzling occurrence happened on the night of June 24 when a man was spotted clinging to the hood of a car as it sped on Interstate 95 in South Florida. Filmed by Daniel Midah, the video captured the man as […]