Jail guards charged after brutal assault on restrained inmate (video)

Two Ohio jail guards are now prisoners after a brutal assault was captured on CCTV. The incident occurred at the Cuyahoga County Jail in Cleveland, Ohio and shows inmate Terrance Debose, 47, fully restrained in a chair at the facility. Corrections Cpl. Nicholas Evan is in the room with Debose and is seen inexplicably turning off […]

Off-duty cop shoots unarmed panhandler

A Philadelphia police officer is under investigation after he shot a man through his car window while off duty. Joel Johnson, 28, is described by family and neighbors as an adult with special needs who is known for panhandling in the community. On Monday night, May 20, 2019, Johnson was begging for change from drivers […]

Coroner rules that mentally ill Black man died of dehydration in Georgia jail

It is a sad commentary on the state of the American healthcare system when it comes to treating the mentally ill in prison. In Georgia alone, more than 500 inmates have died in custody over the last 10 years because of not receiving proper care, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Dozens of those who died […]

Mentally ill or racist? Black woman harassed for talking in line

Once again the insanity of challenging a Black person whose presence upsets their day is back in the news. The incident occurred at an airport when YouTube vlogger HIMAY10NENCE was waiting to board a plane. An unidentified Asian woman tells her to take a seat somewhere because she is having a conversation and this apparently […]

Brooklyn man’s chilling reason for throwing his little brother off a roof

The tragic story of 4-year-old Shimron Smith, who was murdered by his big brother Shawn Smith, has become even sadder since Smith admitted why he killed his sibling. Late last month, Smith, 20, flagged down a New York Police Department squad car in his Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood and told the officers, “I think my brother’s […]

Family horrified after man throws his 4-year-old brother from roof

A family is confused and in mourning after a horrific crime perpetrated by a relative over the weekend. On Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018, a man later identified as Shawn Smith, 20, flagged down a New York Police Department squad car in his Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood around 3:30 A.M. He told the officers, “I think […]

Georgia teens arrested in high school terror plot

Police in Cherokee County, Georgia have announced the arrests of two students who were planning a deadly attack at their high school. According to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Alfred Dupree and Victoria McCurley, both 17, are being charged as adults on three counts of criminal attempt to commit murder, and four counts of terroristic threats […]

Mom shoots kids and family dog in bitter divorce and custody battle

A bitter divorce and custody battle has led to a tragic double murder and suicide in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Early Tuesday morning at approximately 3:00 a.m., police responded to a fire at a residence. Inside the home, they found the bodies of Carola Arnau, 40, her 10-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son. Police are […]

Woman strips naked at Atlanta airport (NSFW)

Atlanta Airport

There is something definitely wrong in air travel after a woman’s lewd display at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. ThIs time it was not a dispute over an overbooked flight but rather a woman who simply lost her mind and acted a fool.

Exclusive: Atlanta interstate fire suspect Basil Eleby is mentally disabled

The story of Basil Eleby, the man accused of starting a fire which collapsed a bridge in Atlanta, is a complex and heated topic in the city. Eleby is being portrayed in the mainstream media as being a homeless Black man, high on crack when he allegedly started the fire that caused millions of dollars […]

Mentally ill man dies after NYPD cop uses taser during arrest   

There have been disturbing incidents of mentally ill persons dying at the hands of police in 2016. This week in New York City, another person described as learning disabled by family members has died after an encounter with police. Authorities have stated that they received a 911 call reporting that a man with a knife […]

Car chase leads to police shooting a mentally ill Black woman

A frightening scene played out on the streets of Torrance, California, yesterday after a police encounter. Law enforcement received multiple 911 calls about an “erratic and reckless” driver who had just fled the scene of a car crash. The driver, later identified as San Diego resident Michelle Lee Shirley, drove away with her side airbags […]

Man who tried to kill President Reagan to be released

Almost 35 years ago, America was shocked when would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr., opened fire on President Ronald Reagan in 1981. Hinckley shot Reagan and three others, including then-Press Secretary James Brady who died in 2014 due to complications from his injuries. President Reagan’s injuries lift him hospitalized and in critical condition, but he eventually recovered. […]

No jail for mom in dead toddler on swing case

Last May of 2015 many across America were shocked by a tragic death at a Maryland playground. Police responded to a call of unusual activity at a local playground. Apparently, Romechia Simms was seen pushing her child on a swing for several hours; when police arrived at the scene, it was determined her child, Ji’Aire […]

Death of Black prisoner scalded by jail guards ruled accidental

The name of Darren Rainey, 50, who died in 2012, escaped the notice of many. He was a mentally ill Muslim prisoner locked up for cocaine possession at Dade Correctional Institution. Rainey got the staff at the prison mad because he defecated in his cell and refused to clean it up. To punish him, they […]

Woman kills female because victim ‘didn’t believe in God’

A woman in Phoenix decided to kill another woman over religious beliefs. According to Arizona Republic, Anitra Braxton and the victim were at her home prior to the attack. At some point, Braxton shot the female victim in the eye because the woman apparently didn’t believe in God. The victim’s body remained on the couch […]

White House fence jumper brought the heat: Rifles, machetes, tomahawks and more

Omar Gonzalez

When Omar Gonzalez jumped the White House fence on September 19, 2014, he was carrying an impressive arsenal of weapons. Besides the folding knife he had on his person, police searched his vehicle and discovered hundreds of rounds of ammunition, multiple rifles, machetes and tomahawks. In addition, the mentally ill US Army veteran had a […]

Father fought for custody of toddler found dead on a swing

A tragic scene played out  at the start of the Memorial Day holiday that has received national attention in La Plata, Maryland. Early Friday morning police responded to a call of unusual activity at a local playground. Apparently Romechia Simms was seen pushing her child on a swing for several hours; when police arrived at […]