Ex-Louisville cop pleads guilty in Breonna Taylor’s federal case

One of the Louisville cops who are being charged by the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the shooting death of Breonna Taylor is now pleading guilty before the trial starts. Kelly Goodlett, who resigned from the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department in Kentucky last week, has reportedly entered a guilty plea to conspiracy after falsifying a […]

How did Minneapolis officer escape prosecution after killing Amir Locke?

The criminal charges have been announced for Mark Hanneman, the officer who shot and killed 22-year-old Black man Amir Locke – there are none. Minnesota prosecutors determined to not file criminal charges against Hanneman, as local offices determined the officer was justified in firing his weapon. “There is insufficient admissible evidence to file criminal charges […]

Rihanna delivers biting comment as Daniel Cameron tweets about Black History Month

Rihanna put prosecutor Daniel Cameron on full blast regarding his handling, or some say mishandling, of the Breonna Taylor case while he celebrated the commencement of Black History Month. The “Rude Boy” singer rudely interrupted the Kentucky attorney general and his celebratory mood as he posted a video onto Twitter acknowledging he’s “standing on the […]

Cop says Breonna Taylor would be alive if they’d busted in earlier (video)

One of the Louisville cops who busted in Breonna Taylor’s home on a no-knock warrant now says she would be alive had they not given the boyfriend enough time to retrieve his gun. In retrospect, Louisville Metropolitan Police Officer John Mattingly says waiting so long to bust in Taylor’s apartment provided the boyfriend, licensed gun […]

Breonna Taylor juror: Prosecutor never gave option to indict cops on homicide

Now the country knows why the grand jury in the Breonna Taylor case never indicted any of the officers on homicide charges: Simply, they were never given the option to do so. The grand juror delivered the shocking news not long after Jefferson Circuit Judge Annie O’Connell issued a 10-page ruling on a motion giving […]

DA offered Breonna Taylor’s ex a deal to implicate her in his alleged crimes

Prosecutors in the Breonna Taylor case allegedly offered an accused drug dealer a great deal if he agreed to besmirch the slain EMT worker’s name, the media reports. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Jamarcus Glover, Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, is facing approximately 10 years in prison. But prosecutors were allegedly willing to knock the potential sentence […]

Breonna Taylor was alive for 5 minutes after being shot but got no treatment

Though she was reportedly alive for five to six minutes after being mortally wounded from a hail of police bullets, Breonna Taylor received no immediate treatment from the Louisville cops on March 13, sparking a lawsuit. Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, has filed suit against the Louisville Metro Police officers Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove and Jonathan […]

T.I.’s message about the cops who fatally shot Breonna Taylor in her bed

Rap boss T.I. has joined the deafening chorus of discontent calling for accountability in the shooting death of first responder Breonna Taylor by cops in the middle of the night while she slept. Taylor was killed by a fusillade of police bullets as they executed a no-knock warrant in Louisville, Kentucky, on March 13. They […]

Baby Bou Bou update: Former deputy indicted in raid that critically burned and scarred baby

When a no-knock warrant was executed in Habersham County, Georgia, on May 28, 2014, an innocent family was traumatized and a baby scarred for life. Bounkham Phonesavanh, affectionately known as ‘”Baby Bou Bou,” was only 19 months old when police threw a stun grenade into his crib that resulted in horrific burns and scarring. The child underwent extensive […]

No justice for ‘Baby Bou Bou’ injured by police grenade

In May 2014 the Phonesavanh family was hit with a tragedy as the result of a botched police raid. Their 2-year-old son, Bounkham Phonesavanh, known affectionately as Baby Bou Bou, had a police stun grenade tossed into his crib while he was asleep in a no-knock warrant gone horribly wrong. The police were after a […]