Really? Tekashi 6ix9ine asks why is everyone ‘calling me a snitch?’

In an Instagram post that will probably blow fans’ minds, disgraced rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has the nerve to ask how he got the reputation as a “snitch.” Tekashi, 23, born Daniel Hernandez in New York, was released four months early from prison on April 2, 2020, as a result of “compassionate release.” It has been […]

Shock as woman finds a rat taking a shower in her home

Sometimes a homeowner must make a decision as to when they should call an exterminator for a pest control problem. One clue that the time to call is when a rat actually lathers up and showers in your bathroom. This viral video shows such an occasion.

Travel alert: Rat burgers on the menu in Russia

Recently, airlines have been offering consumers low rates on flights to Russia. Should you be lucky enough to cop one of those tickets and visit, you might want to make sure you stay out of the local burger joints. In fact, just avoid ordering a hamburger in Russia at all. While you may miss American […]

Yuck: Zara shopper finds rodent in dress

Rats! A Zara shopper from New York found a rodent sewn into her dress. While shopping at the Spanish clothier’s Greenwich, Connecticut location this past July, Cailey Fiesel couldn’t stand the smell reeking from the dress she wore to work. It turns out, one of the two dresses she purchased had a rat sewn into […]

First there was pizza rat, now meet the love rat

[jwplatform 1MF8N4B8] The city of New York has become infamous for its rat population. There have been reports of rats attacking pigeons and brazenly stealing food. The latest news comes of a rat who apparently wants to cuddle with a sleeping subway rider.

New York City battling rat apocalypse

’[jwplatform E2wWB6cO] Usually the only time people are concerned about rats in NYC is when it’s regarding human Mafia informants. This time, though, the problem is real rats. And these rats are not just scurrying around grabbing a bit of bread and making people squeamish. No, these rats are traveling from the local pizza parlor and killing […]

Woman’s ratchet love of rats becomes health hazard

A St. Petersburg, Florida, woman has a serious love that has become a public health hazard. Florine Brown loves rats as pets and to her the rodents are family. She started with just a few rats and a few escaped over time. Now, local animal control officials estimate there are between 300 to 500 rats […]

Mutant rat tries to eat family cat and terrorizes house

At first the family of Erik Bengtsson-Korsås in Stockholm, Sweden thought they had a field mouse problem. There were chewed on cereal boxes and evidence of a rodent chewing on a water pipe. But when they started to notice more damage, like the water pipe with severe damage that caused a flood, they knew there […]