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Boosie calls T.I. a ‘rat’ and cancels their collaborative album (video)

Boosie has also been very critical of Gunna, who cooperated with prosecutors to get out of jail
Boosie calls T.I. a 'rat' and cancels their collaborative album (video)
T.I. (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Boosie Badazz is famously antagonistic against anyone who provides evidence to the police against anyone else, whether they are dead or alive.

Because of this resolute and unbreakable stance, the Baton-Rouge-born and bred Boosie has subsequently canceled his scheduled collaborative album with fellow icon T.I. The Grand Hustle boss recently indicated that he once had gave state’s evidence on gun charges against his cousin who had died, which saved Tip from a long prison stint.

Boosie indicated he was crushed after Tip provided that little-known information.

“With the T.I. situation, if he did that — you a f—ing rat too,” Boosie said. “I don’t spare no muthaf—— body. Because if you doing anything wrong, you doing anything criminal and you cooperate with law enforcement to get you out of trouble — that means you’re cooperating. That means you’re a rat.”

During the August 2020 episode of his podcast “expediTIously,” Tip made the admission that as teens he and his cousin Toot were running a hustle involving stolen clothes before his career took off. One day, Tip and the cousin were pulled over by police and they discovered a gun in Tip’s possession.

Soon thereafter, however, Toot died and that’s when Tip’s lawyer came to him with a solution to help him avoid a lengthy prison stint.

“We caught those gun cases, Toot died. My lawyer said, ‘Well, you know, I could make everything go away if it was Toot’s.’  After he had passed, I had a talk with him. Toot said, ‘I’ll take all the charges you got! If you can walk away free and put it on me, g-d–m right! ‘Cause I’ll be d—ed if they gon’ come and mutha—ing extradite me from here!’ ” T.I. said.

That simple admission by Tip from 25 years ago crushed Boosie who remains flummoxed as to why his fellow emcee would wait this long to reveal it — or why he even bothered to reveal it at all, especially since he knows Boosie’s stance on snitching.

“But I’mma tell you like this. When I saw that, I think, ‘T.I. f—ing lying.’ I think he went up there and just got to f—ing talking. You think something happen at 17, 18 years old … you gon’ hold that in all them d— time? All this d— time for 20 some years, you gon’ hold that in? And it finally came out?”

Regardless of whether Tip is being truthful or not, just the fact that Tip made that revelation has irrevocably contaminated the work their working relationship. Therefore, even though the album is ready to drop, Boosie said the collaborative project is dead and cannot be resuscitated.

Here’s T.I.’s response to Boosie’s comments.

Listen to Boosie’s interview in full below:

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