Anthony Weiner, Other White Politicians Look at Women of Color as Sex Objects First

Gennette Nicole Cordova

I wonder what it is that frequently has white political figures attracted to black women to such an extent that they show no respect for these women or themselves. Historically, we have learned of many such risky interactions, from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to Strom Thurman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But what is interesting is the frequency in which these men in political office pursue women of color for their escapades.

It is as if there is some primal slavemaster thing going on with these men; men who seem to believe if a woman of color is approached by them, in this age of electronic communication, all they have to do is show a muscle or a picture of their manhood to attract them.

Maybe it is true, regardless of being a democrat or republican, that white men in office will always see women of color as being things closer to livestock than intellectual beings who have more to offer than just physical attributes. By now, you’ve heard about the Tweet picture sent from Rep. Anthony Weiner to a bevy of women around the nation.

At first, the congressman insisted his online accounts were “hacked.” But one of the women, GennetteNicole Cordova, refuted this claim after receiving twitpics of the Congressman’s weak erection beneath his underwear.  Thirty six hours after the tweet in question, Cordova released a statement in which the 21-year-old college student, who lives nearly 3,000 miles away in Bellingham, Wash., indicated that she knew who had been harassing her.

Yesha Callahan

Congressman Weiner, just as Thomas Jefferson to Strom Thurman before him, and, more recently, the GOP’s Christopher Lee, who sent a shirtless pic to Yesha Callahan, seem to have a few things in common: They are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, have a difficult time being faithful to their wives, especially when any woman of color is involved, and they do not hold black women in as high regard as others. If they did, they would treat them with a little more class. –torrance stephens, ph.d

  1. As usual, you are reaching and playing the non-existent race card.  I don’t see how one black woman out of many women amount to black women being seen as nothing but sex objects.  Like it is okay to objectify white women but it is a crime if he does it to us.  He is a dog.  But a racist dog who sees black women as property, I don’t think so.  He got caught sexting and one of the ladies was black, I doubt the story goes beyond that.  And it definitely doesn’t go into slavemaster, slave territory, no matter how you try to race bait it into becoming one.

  2. Okay, you are reaching here.  I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist.  Or that racially charged lustfulness isn’t real. But unfortunately, you didn’t make the case with the evidence presented.  From what has come out so far, it appears that Weiner appears to be guilty of stupidity (the soliciting of a minor goes here) and being turned on by illicit sexual flirtation.  The women and their race appear to be almost secondary.  

  3. how about black women stop putting themselves out there to be sex objects this type of stuff wont keep happening stop posting pick with there butts/tits out.

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