Former BET Host Al Shearer Running for President?

BET has produced a number of superstars throughout the years, but could they now have produced the nation’s next president?

Some of you may remember show host Hits from the series “Hits in the Streets,” in which he traveled across the country to different spots and colleges, playing pranks on people on the streets.

Still don’t remember him? Well, he also spoofed D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel?)” video during the height of the sexy clip’s fame.

Well, Hits, now better known by his real name, Al Shearer, is apparently running for president of the United States. The famous funnyman claims that he’s tired of the corruption going on in America and is ready to bring real change to the nation by becoming commander in chief.

And to build his campaign into a super force, Shearer has created a website detailing his road to the White House as well as a movie titled, The Other Black Guy Running for President.

Though, we’re going put our money on the other, more popular and experienced black guy running for re-election, President Barack Obama, we’ve got to hand it to Shearer for throwing some humor into the election mix.

The Other Black Guy Running for President hits iTunes on June 15, but you can check out a clip of Shearer supplying some quick justice to citizens below. After the cut, you can check out some other unlikely stars with dreams of running for office. –nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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