Opening night reception for photo exhibit ‘If They Don’t Make You Laugh …’

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Over the weekend, Chicago’s NYCH Art Gallery debuted a new photo exhibit entitled “If They Don’t Make You Laugh, Don’t Ph–k ‘Em.”

The exhibit, put together by Micaeh Johnson and Bradley Murray along with Carlos Cortes, submerges artistically into the dark psyche of  a handful of comedians and locates the pulse of their own craft of comedic arts. Using an age old technique called tintype, the photographers set out to mirror the mysterious component of each comic’s composition. Comedians included in the exhibit include Liza Treyger, Leon Rogers, Tony Sculfield, Marty DeRosa, Matty Ryan, Brian Babylon, and Dave Helem.

The “If They Don’t Make You Laugh, Don’t Ph–k ‘Em” exhibit will run through July 25 at NYCH Gallery located at 643 West 18th St., in Chicago.


TJ Armour
TJ Armour

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