Style Strategist Tonya Evans Shares Insight About Corporate Image

Style Strategist Tonya Evans Shares Insight About Corporate Image
Tonya Evans, Style Strategist Inc.

Everyone knows how difficult it is has been for many executives to land a job during the Great Recession, and how you present your professional image is just as important as your experience.

Miami-based image and communications consultant, Tonya Seavers Evans, whose passion for teaching individuals how to dress for a purpose and make an impact, is helping those same individuals land positions where they couldn’t before. As a former communications consultant for Fortune 500 companies, this style strategist understands marrying the professional image with your career goals.

Having attended the prestigious London Image Institute, Tonya decided to open her own company, Style Strategist Inc.  She works closely with each of her clients to create a “style strategy” that will give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. RO recently had the opportunity in lovely Miami to sit down with the busy entrepreneur and talk about what it takes to create the right style image. –christa e. jackson

How do you market your business and make business people understand the value of utilizing a service like yours?

I really do a lot with social media. Twitter is a major vehicle I use to connect with people, and I also have a blog. But because of my background in the corporate world, I have used many of those contacts to grow my business. I really used my existing network in the beginning to get the word out. In January, I just launched a newsletter that explains why it is important to dress professionally and be aware of your image in this type of economic climate.

How do you advise people with limited incomes to look the part for the corporate world?

You don’t need to go out and get a whole new wardrobe. Even people with money are being much more conscious. So, I go and do what’s called a “closet audit” and find out what they already have that we can work with. Next, we go and get or make sure that they have those basic pieces and neutral colors that are classic and always work. Finally, we incorporate things like accessories and blouses [or shirts] that make the existing wardrobe last longer.

What are the most important core pieces in any wardrobe that everyone should have?

A crisp, white cotton shirt, a black suit, accessories (necklaces, earrings, belts) and a standard sheath dress.  Also, make sure that you shop at the TJ Maxxes, Marshalls and Rosses of the world that have all of your basics and don’t cost as much as the department stores.

What is the most satisfying part of what you do?

The most satisfying and fun part of my job is watching someone blossom once we’ve worked together to create an image, and they come back to tell me how many compliments they have gotten and how much more confident they have become when we’ve completed the process.

For more information or to contact Tonya Evans, please go to

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