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Politics » People: Don’t Block Out the Light and What’s Right

People: Don’t Block Out the Light and What’s Right

The eyes of those who choose to ignore what they see, are deceptive transmitters of optical and earthly illusions. Wearing sunglasses can deflect the sunshine that may shine and warm your face, but in that sunlight there is energy and imagery from other places. Just as we are bombarded by with rhetoric from right-wing conservatives who are as ignorant as they can be, and disparage our president, Barack Obama at every opportunity. They even set side large sums of money to purchase news media outlets and delight in their foolishness, like professional, racist clowns.

We are living in unparalleled times, when a black man is representing our race in a new and much more enhanced way. He is not only putting a different face on the African American race, he is showing the entire human race that we can move to elevated ground and a higher place, where all are created equal and have the right to the pursuit of happiness like the Constitution states. But there are those who don’t want the playing field leveled for people like you and me. They are wearing blinders and turn away from the possibilities of how great the nation can be.

There are those who have lost their jobs and those who truly don’t want their children born into similar despair. This is not the time for silence and apathy, it is a time for action and to stand united against hypocrisy, for that coupled with bigotry diminish the value of the democracy. But it is the silence from the pulpit that worries me. It quiets a population and negates their motivation to move intelligently against those who would wrong the innocent and further oppress the already disenfranchised and disillusioned.

The silence of the church turns a blind eye to the spilling of our children’s blood on school and neighborhood playgrounds. The question is how can we stand by and allow these vitriolic attacks against the president to continue without redress in some way? We must understand that we need instruction from the pulpit to make hatred go away.

We cannot afford a silent and complacent citizenry who chooses not to exercise their First Amendment constitutional right to speak against injustice and inequities wherever they may be. We are obligated to denounce companies and policies that perpetuate political and social negativity. We should file class action suits en masse to counter the fear of expressing our concerns regarding unfair practices and regressions in policy.

Are religious leaders only wearing glasses and focusing on the offering plates as they are passed around. Each of those who have not written or emailed their congressmen are letting the incarcerated brothers down in actuality, by not preaching and giving testimony against the bigotry of the prison system and its illegality.

In the past we shared about how a community could get ahead by working collectively instead. Now millions are being displaced from their homes because of the greed of lenders and the banking industry. It happened under the Republican administration, but that has been dismissed much to our dismay and is now attributed to the man who inherited that melee. This calamity, this economic recession didn’t start with Obama. No, it began with the hatred and greed that propels the system of capitalism and corruption and all of its obliterating circuitry.

So here we are at a moment where the sun is shining in my face, but there is a question that my mind won’t allow me to erase. Do black people hate their own race? Are they afraid to stand up and show courage when they are called upon? People criticize the president, who urges children to be responsible for themselves and each other right now.

But parents recoil and admonish him for telling them to do a better job and how. These ill-conceived responses create a mockery of everything we are attempting to do. Tell your children tales of strong and noble black people and how Obama is working to make a better and more balanced society. They need to hear from their parents and their president that they are first and foremost in our minds.

The preachers need to help establish a new vision and grow some spine, and tell the truth about our condition. Those who bear the cross must remove their sunglasses and reach out to the lost. They have to promote the cause and encourage us to take a stand without question or pause.

For all of us who know the truth, stand-up for the president, form a united front and show that bigotry and hatred will not move us to a spiritual and moral low. It’s all right to put on your sunglasses if they make you feel cool, but don’t let them shade your thoughts or dim your intelligence as they are sometimes prone to do.

Let your light reflect the greatness of the people we are to be. The challenge today is to make the sun you shade not blind you to the advances and progress that there is to be made.

Peace. –Munson Steed


  1. Neram2006 on June 16, 2011 at 1:29 am

    I do think that you make excellent points about the incredible level of racism in this country, especially toward the president. You are also correct that we should teach our children about our history and explain to them what President Obama is trying to do. However, I do think your criticism of the church and preachers is unfair. People choose where they would like to attend church. There are plenty of black preachers that concern themselves with the problems of social justice including Rev. Fredrick Haynes III in Dallas, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Otis Moss Jr. and III to name a few. If people want to go to Bishop Eddie Long’s or Creflo Dollar’s church that is not the fault of the preacher, people go to those churches because they desire financial blessings from God as opposed to salvation. Ministers cannot be responsible for the entire black community’s situation. I think it is also important that African-Americans do not follow President Obama blindly because President Obama has in fact done very little for African-Americans. Sure, the Republicans have fought him tooth and nail, but he his constantly compromising with them and often quicker to attack those in his party than the republicans who outwardly disrespect him. He came out publicly when Senator Harry Reid made his comment about “Negro dialect” and defended him and his record. When Shirley Sherrod was wrongfully accused about making degrading comments toward those in the white community Obama and his administration afraid of racist, conservative criticism forced her to resign and he never came out publicly and defended her honor or apologized for this short coming, when her statements were never made, and Senator Reid actually made his statements. I like President Obama but we don’t need to let him off the hook either, because he will take advantage of us and take us for granted the way other politicians such as Bill Clinton have done previously. 

    • A. Noni Mouse on June 16, 2011 at 2:44 am

      Neram2006, I think the president lives by the saying, “Keep your friends close, and your enemy closer” and is trying to attract more bees and flies with honey than vinegar. Keep in mind that the Republicans gained control in the House. If he doesn’t use a bipartisan approach, everything will stall for sure, and then everyone would complain that he didn’t do anything as a president (which they’re already saying, and he’s done a lot). Being president must be the toughest job in America and what he needs is our voices, votes, suggestions and support. We all know from working in America that, sometimes, you have to work within the system to work the system. Sometimes, you have to hold hands with the backstabbers to try to accomplish your goals.

      • Neram2006 on June 16, 2011 at 3:35 am

        The Republicans gained control in the House in 2010. They did not gain control in the Senate. May I remind you that the Republicans also had control when Bill Clinton passed incredible legislation to improve the economy back in the 1990s. Much of Clinton’s success came from his stubborn behavior and refusal to compromise on issues that would limit the benefits of middle-class and working-class Americans. Obama could learn a thing or two from him. (As an American historian, I think my opinion counts for something.) You have failed to provide me any specific examples of how the President Obama’s “Keep your friends close, and your enemy closer” strategy has worked. It has not. President Obama strategically distances himself from certain African-American issues. There is a reason why he gave a commencement adddress at Hampton University as opposed to  Morehouse College. Hampton’s history of conservativism is safe. The more liberal nature of a Morehouse College is too controversial for him ad it should not be. Once again, African-Americans often get taken advantage of because we follow people blindly. Many of them do not follow politics regularly, like I do. I do believe that Obama has done many good things, but he needs to improve in key areas, especially when it comes to race. This is the perfect time to address racial issues, because we do have an African-American president. 

  2. Nonnie's World on June 21, 2011 at 2:58 am

    I think that all of you have very great points so the only thing I will add is I will pray that GOD’S will be done!

  3. Tank Wallce on June 23, 2011 at 1:19 am


    Peace Be Unto You!   These are the words which Jesus spoke to his BROTHERS AND DISICIPLES, as they gather behind closed doors. Ashe appeared in his GLORIFIED BODY.

    I begin with this Gospel Passage as a PREACHER/ PROPHET  of the MOST HIGH GOD OF ABRAHAM; AND IN THE NAME OF JESUS OF NAZERETH EVEN HIM WHOSE NAME IS CALLED THE WORD OF GOD. [ REV: 19:13 ]   Being BLACK DOESN’T MAKE ONE RIGHTEOUS!!  Nor Dose being BLACK give a community of people to presume that so-called people of color the entitlement of calling a individual [ of so-called color]  BROTHER!     I am not a BLACK MAN;… But to the ignorant eye, I shall forever be.   I am Born Again of the Word of God, and of the Holy Spirit of God, and I am taught to KNOW NO MAN AFTER THE FLESH BUT AFTER THE SPIRIT!     I have been a victim of violence by SO-CALLED BLACK MEN AND SO-CALLED BLACK WOMEN, and for the Manifested Grace of God …. I AM STILL HERE!!   Do I hate a so-called race of people?   No!!!  But I hate the traditions of the so-called BLACK MAN, AND THE BLACK CHURCH!


    I challeng myself to be the change I desire to be seen in the World, and so-called BLACK PEOPLE WONT ALLOW ME TO DEMONSTRATE IT AFTER THE TEACHING OF JESUS!     The Only thing Black about me is the Woman I respect, Love, and Honor[  as her husband  one day ]; and that’s because she calls her self BLACK!!!   She respect my NATIVE HERITAGE; ….[ CHEROKEE and IRISH] and even though I was raised in a village of so-called BLACK PEOPLE …. I can not deny my orgin, and I will not be made to accept a compromise to be accepted by a race/ community of individuals who want to justify their BLACKNESS above and beyond the WORD OF GOD!!!   As Jesus told the woman at the well.   GOD IS A SPIRIT AND HE SEEKS SUCH TO WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH!!!!    His WORD IS HIS TRUTH, AND JESUS IS THE WORD OF GOD MADE FLESH!      Amen.

    alias “Tank Wallace”
    [ disiciple/servant/ and belliver in the GOD OF THE JEWS; …for SALVATION IS OF THE JEWS ]