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White Cops Plant Evidence On Black Man — Is It Real? (Video)

An explosive video shows a Utica, New York, police officer searching a vehicle as the occupant is in custody.

The video, obtained from the Utica Police Department and uploaded to YouTube by the Utica Phoenix newspaper, shows one officer as he appears to remove a baggie from his pocket at the 1:02 mark. Moments later, the same officer reaches into the vehicle only to emerge with what appears to be the same baggie.

The suspects claimed that the baggie was not theirs, and that launched an investigation.

The incident was captured on the police car’s dash camera, and the uncut video is 30 minutes long. It is speculated by some that the edited video on YouTube is misleading.

The fact that the cops knew the dash cam was on should clear any doubt said Utica Police Chief Mark Williams.
Chief Williams also says that his officers did not do anything shady: “He’s going into the car with it and that’s what he’s doing, it’s cold out and he’s basically separating the drugs from both defendants.”


Utica Phoenix Video:

Full-Length Video

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