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10 Horrible Movie Sequels and Remakes

There is a reason why The Godfather and Godfather Part II are two of the most prized movies in cinematic history. Even the third Godfather was decent though it did not come close to the range, depth and brilliance of its predecessors. Since, however, there is not a single acclaimed sequel or remake that can approach — or in some people’s opinions, surpass — the original like the Godfather Part II. And we really wish that folks in Hollywood would stop trying.

Some sequels or turned out to be decent, such as Beverly Hills Cop 2 or Cape Fear starring Robert De Niro and Nick Nolte. Other remakes were spectacular, such as the theatrical version of the Academy Award-winning Dreamgirls in comparison to the legendary stage play. Same goes with Grease.

The rest of them? Well, we wish they’d stop trying, especially with the following movies. Here are 10 horrible movie sequels and remakes.

The remake of the Depression-era classic "The Wizard of Oz" was a critical and commercial disaster. But one good thing came out of it.

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