Police: Men Tried to Scam President Obama

Police: Men Tried to Scam President Obama
Adams’ and Elam’s mug shots from Chicago Police Department.

Two alleged check scammers are implicated in connection with $50,000 theft from President Obama’s campaign headquarters in Chicago.

According to Chicago police, the men stole the checks from the building that houses the headquarters. The checks were addressed to legitimate vendors, so the men used their real identification to open checking accounts (under the vendors’ names) and deposited the stolen checks.

Jessie Adams, 36, Willard Elam, 48, and a third man remains at large.

Ben Finkenbinder, the Midwest press secretary for the Obama campaign, told the Chicago Tribune: “Three checks we sent to vendors made it into the wrong hands, and after learning of this we notified the police. We’re pleased that they’re dealing with the issue swiftly, and don’t expect this to have any impact upon the campaign.”

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