Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan: Reality TV’s Newest Married Couple


Everything isn’t so warm and fuzzy with Gloria, however, there are two ladies in particular she’s made no qualms about taking issue with. Both Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada were discussed on set and both made the gleam in Govan’s oval shaped eyes turn dull. Earlier this year, Gloria dished on her first acting role in “Clean Ops: The Chronicle of V” in which she plays a self-professed ”badass” ballerina-turned-assassin. And in August, she stirred up drama when a video of her surfaced saying that she’d like to put her newly acquired combat skills to work on Evelyn Lozada and her partner-in-crime, Shaunie O’Neal. ”Evelyn would be last,” said Govan in the video. “I’d knock out Shaunie first.” Soon Web traffic erupted over Gloria’s claims, especially considering that Lozada was at the center of a domestic abuse scandal. So does she wish she could take the statement back? Not so much.

”Absolutely [I stick by that]. My feelings are what they are to Evelyn. I don’t like to kick anybody while they’re down; I think they’re a cute couple, I honestly do and I know Chad really loves her. Mainly, I hope they keep people out of their relationship. That’s what I’ve had to do.”

As far as Jackie Christie is concerned Gloria says she’s taking her bizarre antics in stride. Last season, Christie nearly caused a catastrophe with bizarre behavior that divided the rest of the cast. She’s since returned and is trying to make amends, in her own special, kooky way. “Jackie Christie has a mouth piece on her, she’ll make a paraplegic feel bad for her,” says Gloria about the constant thorn in her side. “The way she kind of suckers you in with her words; she’ll give you so many compliments to the point that you’re like ‘damn, OK!’ [extends arms] give me a hug, girl. She’s someone you have to accept, she’s like a beauty mark or a birthmark. It’s like ‘damn that sh– is terrible, but it’s there. You work around it.”

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