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10 images of hip-hop dads holding their babies

Wiz Khalifa became the latest rapper to experience fatherhood after his girlfriend, Amber Rose, gave birth to their son, Sebastian, on Feb. 21. After the birth, Wiz tweeted, “Happy Birthday Sebastian The Bash Taylor Thomaz!”

Although rappers are often criticized because of their provocative lyrics, most hip-hop dads have become upstanding fathers and make it a point to take care of their kids.

Wiz will likely join that club as a supportive father to Sebastian.

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  1. Rob310 on February 22, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    Half of the movies you listed are good movies. You are all a bunch of haters. Regardless if the movies were bad, I bet they had a blast on set making the movie. I appreciate that, and I am sure he knows what his bad movies are no ones that conceded or ignorant.