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Lil Wayne backlash proves that rappers will stand up — for a basketball team

Lil Wayne backlash proves that rappers will stand up — for a basketball team

YMCMB superstar Lil Wayne has been getting his fair share of criticism as of late. The rapper’s biggest controversy of 2013 thus far involved his unfortunate analogy comparing the beating and murder of Emmett Till in 1955 to Wayne’s own sexual prowess. While that comment drew the ire of writers, activists and even Stevie Wonder, many of Weezy’s fellow hip-hoppers were fairly muted in their criticism. It’s understandable that artists don’t want to get too self-righteous about a fellow creative’s art — anyone can find themselves on the receiving end of a firestorm because of an offhand lyric or thoughtless onstage act.

But Wayne’s second controversy-baiting moment of February 2013 sparked a much different reaction.

During an NBA All-Star Weekend party in Houston, TX; Wayne grabbed the microphone and launched into a profanity-filled tirade about the NBA’s Miami Heat. The rapper had recently been kicked out of a game at Miami’s American Airlines Arena; stories conflict as to what happened—he says he was “banned,” the team’s spokespeople say that he left the facility of his own free will. Nonetheless, Wayne was angry at perceived disrespect and proclaimed “F–k LeBron [James], f–k [Dwyane] Wade, f–k all them n—as, man. And–and, and I f–ked Chris Bosh‘s wife.”

The reaction to Weezy’s rant was swift. Within days, virtually every Miami-based rapper not named Rick Ross had Lil Wayne on the brain — and denounced his diss.

“Hell, I want to know what Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and all these so-called 305 rappers who hang with Lil Wayne have to say about him disrespecting our home team,” said Luke, legendary Miami bass pioneer. “They need to set Lil Wayne straight. When you disrespect Miami, you can’t be allowed into any arena, restaurant, club, or even McDonald’s to get a burger. And you better not show your face in the hood. None of this bullsh-t would have happened under my watch.”

Fellow Miami native Trick Daddy chimed in shortly thereafter.

“I don’t care who be offended by what I say. I rep my city and want nobody disrespecting,” he told 99 JAMZ. “We’ve got to stick together as radio, as artists, as DJs and fans who love the music as a whole. That’s what makes a community.”

Trick also said that he and Luke are working to ensure out of town artists that frequent Miami pay more respect.

“Me and Luke been talking, we gon’ get together, we gon’ figure out some kind of way to this thing back on the road,” he continued. “I can’t go anywhere else. This my home. From now on, when they get in, they gon’ have to start checking in, and they gon’ start checking in by turning on 99 JAMZ and listening to us, what we got to say. They taking all our beats and rapping over them anyways.”

Finally, Cuban-American Miami rapper Pitbull released a diss track aimed squarely at Lil Tunechi’s comments. “You got money, yeah yeah, that’s sweet/ But we all know Slim and Baby really eat/ You talk Miami if you talking Heat/ Moral of the story, don’t sh-t where you eat.” After Wayne responded with what seemed like surprise, Pitbull tweeted, “I am cool papo but imagine me sh-tting on anything new orleans which I was just there for super bowl the big easy I loved it. The world shows me love and vice versa but miami is all I got no disrespect just the truth.”

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