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‘The Voice’ recap: Adam Levine finally wins country singer over Blake Shelton

url-30Part three of the blind auditions of “The Voice,” brought new talent to the stage and new battles amongst the coaches. The coaches kept the fights going all night long as they attempt to fill their teams with the best singers.

First up, The Swon brother duo from Oklahoma. The brothers are the third duo to be selected and second duo to join Team Blake this season. Fellow Oklahoman, Blake Shelton, won them over after he said with his help they could be the “swinners.”

R&B singer Usher has been noted to have a signature way of sitting on his throne – one leg-up leaning to the side swag. That leg came down and a new lean was seen as Taylor Beckham began to sing her rendition of “I’m Going Down” who he acquired after having exchanging a few words with Shakira.

The highlight of the show, Adam, scored ‘the best country singer ever’ to appear.  Warren Stone sang “Colder Weather.” The country singer/father of two/fireman turned all four chairs. It was very shocking to Levine, as well as, Shelton when he chose Team Adam. The two have battled it out over just about every country singer that was worth hitting the button for the last three seasons.

Shakira was so delighted when Monique Abbadie, of Miami hit the stage singing one of her songs, “Loca,” delivered well enough to turn all four chairs. The guys knew there was no question which team Abbadie would choose. Adam still tried to charm her until Blake interrupted telling Levine, “She’s picking Shakira, shut up.”

Two picks that came as no surprise – Team Blake acquiring coutry singer, Holly Tucker and Monique Abbadie of Miami going with her idol, Shakira.

Look at the team choices for last night’s blind auditions:

Team Adam: Warren Stone, Karina Iglesias and Hawaiian native, Duncan Kamakana,

Team Usher: Taylor Beckham, Michelle Chamuel and Chelsea Monindroo

Team Shakira: Monique Abbadie, second-time ‘The Voice’ contestant Garrett Gardner and J’Sun.

Team Blake: The Swon brothers and country singer Holly Tucker.

Other contestants, such as Julie Roberts, who was once a country artist and known by Blake;  Sam Alves’, who was dropped off in a box on a doorstep with a note saying when he was born. Lastly, professional mover, Landon Medvec, were sent home disappointed when none of the judges turned to obtain them.

Stay tuned as the coaches battle it out some more to complete their teams.  “The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC. -louvonia mcclain