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Reality TV » Have Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick split?

Have Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick split?

Draya Michele & Orlando Scandrick - Cover

Draya Michele and her longtime boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick, endured all kinds of criticism and drama to stay together on the latest season of “Basketball Wives LA,” including allegations that Scandrick dated the daughter of Michele’s nemesis, Jackie Christie. However, rumors now claim that the couple may have finally called it quits and that Michele is subtly sharing the news online.

According to Sister 2 Sister, this past weekend, Michele posted some suspicious photos on her Instagram page about the benefits of being single and how she wants a “fresh start,” leading many to believe that she and Scandrick had broken up.

Draya Michele - Single Rumor Photo 1

Draya Michele - Single Rumor Photo 2

To make matters worse, rumors began swirling that the couple had broken up because Scandrick had cheated on Michele with one of her “BBW LA” cast mates simply described as “the brown skinned cute one.”

After learning that her posts had stirred up rumors about a breakup, Michele removed the photos from her page and then posted another photo denying the rumors.

Draya Michele - Rumor Deniel Instagram

“Everything u read isn’t the truth. And we all know, a publicity stunt isn’t needed for ratings. #haveaniceday,” she captioned the photo.

Well, it looks like she and Scandrick are still together. Perhaps Michele should avoid posting such suspicious tweets lest she want to start more breakup rumors. – nicholas robinson


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