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Wiz Khalifa parties in Miami for his album, ‘Blacc Hollywood’

Over the weekend in Miami, Hennessy V.S presented Wiz Khalifa’s pre-album release party for his upcoming Blacc Hollywood album, which will be released Aug. 19. Khalifa arrived with an entourage of his boys and partied through the night enjoying the many Hennessy V.S bottle parades that arrived at his table. Resident DJ Efeezy kept the party going playing Wiz’s most popular tracks from his mixtapes followed by his radio hits finishing up with Khalifa’s most recent single “We Dem Boyz” from his forthcoming album. Check out more photos of Waka Flocka, DJ Stevie J, Bryant Mckinnie (Miami Dolphins) and Dream owner Kevin Hardy in the gallery. –joi pearson @joiapearson

Photos: Thaddeaus McAdams for Exclusive Access