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Cyn Santana opens up about Erica Mena’s attack

Hot 97

Like most reality TV couples, Cyn Santana and Erica Mena’s relationship was rife with all kinds of drama, from cheating scandals to curse-filled public arguments. But their chaotic romance took a violent turn on Monday night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop” when Mena attacked Santana and then dumped her. Now, Santana is opening up about the attack and explaining how it affected her.

The now infamous attack happened during a tense meeting between Mena and Santana, in which Santana, once again, accused Mena of being a bad girlfriend and a cheater. However, when Mena turned the tables and accused Santana of cheating, the two ladies ended up in a yelling match and Mena smacked Santana on the side of her head, leaving Santana in tears.

“It was like a mush, I don’t know what would’ve happened if security wasn’t there. That’s the first time we’ve gotten into a heated discussion like that,” said Santana while discussing the attack on Hot 97. “We’ve argued before, we both have mouths on us. Never in a million years would I think Erica would put her hands on me. I know what she’s about — you don’t think that stuff would happen to you.”

Clearly, splitting up was for the best for this volatile couple, and it seems that Mena moved on quickly enough with her new fiancé, Bow Wow. Read what Santana had to say about Mena’s engagement after the cut.

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